Businesses are as different as people are. You expect to be treated as a individual – why shouldn’t your business be?

The Law Office of Lois D. Mermelstein offers custom services, tailored to your situation. We protect ideas. We help entrepreneurs and small businesses get going and grow. Our advice might range from figuring out what form your new business should take to negotiating that first major contract that brings in revenue, and much in between. If you’re dealing with a trademark, copyright, e-commerce, or general business question, let us show you how we can help. Also coming soon – patent services!

Our business formation packages get you started right and let you get on with growing your business. You’ll get all the paperwork, blank forms and instructions, and consultations you’ll need to get you from your idea to an entity that can accept revenue.

Our Basic Package includes everything you need to get going:

  • business entity formation, including a consultation on the structure that’s right for your situation, preparation and filing of the appropriate state formation forms, preparation of corporate bylaws or an LLC or partnership operating agreement, a founders’ agreement covering money and intellectual property issues, initial formalities needed to complete the formation process, obtaining an EIN from the IRS, and preparation and filing of the IRS form 2553 taxation election.
  • forms you’ll need to keep the entity going properly, such as [BoD formalities], and instructions on how to use them.
  • a consultation on state and local requirements that apply to your situation, such as filings, sales taxes, and licenses.
  • forms you’ll need to protect the new business’s intellectual property, including Nondisclosure Agreements, a Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement for employees or individual contractors, an Assignment of Intellectual Property from the founders to the business, and instructions on how to use them.

Our Plus Package includes everything in the Basic package, then adds some extras to take you further:

  • is a website or mobile app an essential component of your business? You’ll need website Terms of Service, a Privacy Policy, and a business-spcific consultation on handling personally identifiable information.
  • are you planning to hire employees or independent contractors? We’ll walk you through the basics and provide a form At-Will Employment Offer Letter, a form Independent Contractor Services Agreement, and a Stock Option plan for folks who will work for equity in the business.
  • we’ll provide an intellectual property consultation. Specific IP work may be referred out or performed in-house, as appropriate to the specific work required, at additional cost.

Extra services, priced per project or hourly, are also available:

  • do you need a vendor contract to get going? This can happen, for instance if you’re working on something like a Software-as-a-Service.product. We can negotiate that first contract to get you started making money.
  • trademark or copyright work to protect your words and brand.

Being small and flexible means we can customize these offerings to your specific needs. If your specific situation requires something additional or different, or you don’t know where to start, contact us. The first meeting is always free, and we can work together to get you through the paperwork and on to what you want to do to grow your business.